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Pregnancy • Postpartum • Infant Massage Services with Brenda Goodell

  • Pregnancy Massage Therapy
  • Promoting peace throughout pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Massage during pregnancy helps to nurture and support the expectant mother through a time of major changes in her body and mind.

• Relief of discomfort without drugs
• Improves circulation
• Alleviation of many minor complaints (fatigue, backache, insomnia)
• Reduce postural imbalances
• Experience generalized enhancement of health and feelings of well-being
• The Body Support Cushion System™ is utilized to provide a very relaxing side lying position that is healthy for the woman and her child. Brenda uses organic pure oils, rare attars and essential oils during the massage. Brenda also creates custom blended aromatherapy with oils safe for pregnancy, using such oils as marula oil, virgin coconut, infused rose oil, organic fair trade shea butter, organic raw cocoa butter, and cold-pressed grapeseed oil.

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