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  • Postpartum Massage Therapy
  • Sink into the sanctuary of the postpartum period

Postpartum Massage Therapy

Can you say aahh? Postpartum massage provides quality “alone time” any new mom needs to take care of herself. Massage helps with emotions you may be experiencing after the birth, especially if labor was not what you were anticipating – for example, if you needed medications, had an unplanned c-section, or are dealing with feelings of loss / depression.

• Relieves the left over pains of labor and delivery
• Helps remove metabolic wastes and medications still in the system
• Alleviates neck and shoulder tension from holding and feeding your baby
• Breaks down adhesions that may have formed as a result of a c-section
• Improves postural imbalances learned during pregnancy
• Can also provide deep relaxation for sleep deprived nerves

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