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Pregnancy • Postpartum • Infant Massage Services with Brenda Goodell

  • Flower Essence Remedies
  • For children and pregnant women

Flower Essence Remedies

Flower Essences work on the body, emotions, and soul level. As the remedy is taken orally or through the skin, the high vibration of the flower’s essence resonates within your own energy pattern. Methodical and joyful partaking of your custom essence for 30 day cycles can yield healing, assimilation of positive flower archetypal attributes.

These remedies are safe for children and pregnant women. There are no negative effects to taking the Flower Essences & they will be perfect support for changing patterns of behavior and engendering new ways of relating.

Custom Essences:
An initial consultation phone call will discuss the nature of Flower Essences and discover if they are right for you.

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